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Boomin' June

Welcome back to the crossroads. blog, long time no see! With a busy summer head at the coffee shop we thought we'd get to writing some updates and exciting things we have coming up as we head towards warmer weather!

Let's talk everyone's favorite...drinks of the month. For June we went back and forth on what we wanted to focus on, but sometimes the easiest way to narrow down inspiration is with a good, old-fashion, THEME. June, we're bringing everyone back to the glory days of SUMMER CAMP!

We're talking cabins, lakes, and camp counselors summer camp, but not the Friday the 13th version (we'll save that for October)

This June you'll be introduced to:

The Campfire Stories Latte: a smoked juniper and peppercorn latte with marshmallow cold foam and wafer paper leaf topping.

Imagine those summer nights sitting around the campfire, the smell of fresh pine in the area and smoke sticking to your clothes. The only thing lighting the way is a roaring fire and the bright stars that scatter the clear sky.

The Bunk Buddy Latte: our inspiration for this was the ever so tasty, and addicting trail mix. Dried cherry puree and cinnamon meet house-made almond syrup in a fruity, nutty latte topped with our famous whipped cream and house-made granola crumb (yes they are gluten-free)

Swim Lessons: this one is for our non-coffee drinkers or those who just want a refreshing mid-day, afternoon, morning, any time pick me up.

Coconut water and coconut cream pair with a butterfly pea syrup for a breath of fresh air in a cup, mixed with luster dust for a sparkle and topped with a peach ring life preserver.


North Haven is hosting its first ever Pride Celebration on Saturday, June 17th. We are lucky enough to be a piece of this important history for the Town of North Haven. We'll be on the green the day of with selling special treats and celebrating unity and pride! North Haven Pride is full of wonderful people who are dedicated to a greater good and we are excited for North Haven to have their own stamp on CT Pride!

For more information check out the North Haven Pride website


Old Fashioned flavored latte with bourbon and bitters
Dad Bod Latte

Yup, June is for celebratin' the dads. Friday, June 16th to Sunday, June 18th, we will be

join by Ted and his winged friend Austin of Saving Paws who will be with us fundraising and raffling off a brand new TV!

We'll be bringing back our father's day featured latte Friday to Sunday:

The Dad Bod Latte: a latte take on an old fashioned, made with a bourbon and bitters reduction with fresh orange zest topped with a maraschino cherry


We get asked this at least three times a week, and let's clear the air, we DO have outdoor seating. You can find small tables in the front of our shop as well as picnic tables on the right side of the building (facing the building to your right in the grass area). You are also more than welcome to bring extra seating for outside if you want to hang out on a blanket or a folding chair. Our space is yours to use (with love and respect of course).


This month's Sunday afternoon trivia will be held on June 25th at noon. Rain or shine. Prizes for the winning team!


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