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Made With Love


Here at crossroads. we pride ourselves on the values: honesty, community, quality, and being environmentally friendly. We seek to meet high standards and create a family with our customers. What screams family more than house-made items with real ingredients? From our baked goods to our syrups, don't be surprised if our menu reminds you of your favorite childhood treats made by mom! Everything is made right here at crossroads. When we make anything, we always say we measure with our heart because that is what makes us different!

We make everything with love because we love you all!

Our Kitchen: Small But Mighty

Although we have a small kitchen with limited ovens and space, we make sure to bring housemade baked goods to you every morning! Each item you see in our bakery case is made with real and simple ingredients, or should I say they're made short and sweet?

To give you an idea on what we mean by real and simple, we use natural butter, herbs from our garden, eggs from local neighbors, and real cane sugar.

Speaking of real cane sugar, all of our syrups are made from scratch as well! We found that with house made syrups we can be more flexible with what our customers demand and create fun new syrups you won't find anywhere else. You might know us by our rosemary vanilla syrup, also made with our garden herbs. How about one of our new flavors, smoked butterscotch? By making out own syrups we are able to control the sweetness of our syrups while giving you more than enough flavor. There are also no sugar alcohols in our sugar-free syrups, which are made with plant-based sugar (stevia).

Our food menu is prepared in order to ensure freshness and taste. We make our quiche with farm fresh eggs and in season ingredients. We also have grain and salad bowls on the menu with, you guessed it, house made dressing options.

Everything we make in our kitchen:

  • Syrups

  • Dressings

  • Baked goods

  • Food (items made to order)

  • Chai (for chai lattes)

Because everything is made in house our food items and baked goods change everyday so there will always be excitement in our shop.

So come on it and get them goodies!


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