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Pop-up Events

More Than A Coffeehouse

You didn’t think we just made coffee did you?

Here at crossroads. we go above and beyond when it comes to our mission. As we continuously mention our core values correlate to the environment, authenticity and our community.

In one way we want to give back to our community is through supporting local businesses. Through our coffee, our main two roasters (Perkatory Coffee Roasters & Sleeping Giant Coffee Co.) are both local businesses that share these core values with us. Through our store, we continuously work with our community to not only make this a space to meet our neighbors at a crossroad, but we also share the love of other small businesses through pop-up events.

Introducing Our First Crossroad. Pop-up: PeacebyTay

Taylor aka PeacebyTay created her own jewelry line that is truly one of a kind! Her mission is to share her creative passions while spreading peace and love with us all. Taylor makes all of her unique accessories by hand. Her pieces range from jewelry, tie dye, paintings, accessories and much more!

We are very excited to have her and the good news is you can expect to see her in our store this weekend!!

Our PeacebyTay pop-up will be happening this Sunday, September 12th! Come in and support her and spread this incredible message!

Other Pop-up Events To Expect At Our Store Soon

We have a bunch of incredible small businesses doing pop-ups with us!

Here is a sneak peak of some upcoming events for the months of September, October & November:

  • PeacebyTay (@peacebytay): Sept. 12th from 2-4 PM

  • Wildflower Artspace (@wildflower_artspace): Sept. 25th from 11AM-2PM

  • Ethereal Envy (@ethereal_envy): Oct. 3rd 12-3 PM

  • A Little French Pig (@alittlefrenchpig): Oct 30th 12-3 PM

  • Cocoa Chynelle (@cocoa_chynelle): Nov. 13th 11AM-2PM

Stay tuned on more information on these incredible small businesses and we hope to see you for our very first pop up event with PeacebyTay this Sunday from 2-4PM!


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