Changing your perspective on plant-based eats!

Saturday July 9th: Serving from 1pm to 5pm!


Chef Sil is one of the most popular vegan chefs in Connecticut and we are lucky enough to have her serving a menu at a unique event hosted by crossroads coffee! 


*Menu is completely Vegan



Appetizer (Pick one)

*Edamame and mushroom wontons 

*Edamame Salad (GF)


Roll (Pick one)

*Smoked Eel Roll- Cucumber and avo topped with smoked eggplant and miso cream sauce (GF/SF)

*Dynamite Roll - Cucumber and red peppers topped with spicy baked phish (hearts of palm) and spicy mayo 


Drink (Pick one)

*Iced Jasmine Green Tea Fog with coconut milk and ginger syrup

*Iced oat milk sweet miso latte with caramel syrup 

Chef Sil Pop Up Ticket

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