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The people people serving your new favorite cup of coffee.

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crossroads.’ mission is to provide great tasting coffee and baked goods with a smile whilst being eco-friendly and affordable. Born from the minds of two young women, crossroads. wants to bring coffee back to the basics with a twist. Not only will you be able to grab a standard cup of coffee, but you can also explore a range of drinks for the more adventurous coffee/tea connoisseur that you wouldn’t find at just any old shop.


Each roast has been hand selected and tested by crossroads. to insure bold taste and overall quality. We strive to build relationships with our local distributors to create a positive impact on the community we serve. 


At crossroads. you can look forward to fresh house-made baked goods from muffins and biscotti to bread and more. 


To our customers, we vow to have open doors and open hearts. We are constantly improving on our offerings to better serve those in our community to create the most welcoming and smooth experience possible. It’s our mission to create a relationship with every customer who walks through our door.


crossroads. is your space to gather for a cup with friends, hold a small business meeting, work on homework, or just grab-and-go with ease. At crossroads. you aren't just another customer, you're a part of a family.

meet the staff




Some of the best memories are made with a cup of coffee.


crossroads. is the dream of a woman who has many cups of coffee to thank for some of the best times of her life; laughs with friends, first dates, meeting her best friends, hour long study sessions, and much, much more.

You never know what someone is going through, and sometimes a kind familiar face can change the course of that person's day.  

There’s something so special about a coffeeshop, it’s more than the coffee or the food, it’s the people. The smiles. The, "have a wonderful day".




After crossing multiple bridges Taylor finds herself at Crossroads. working with her closest friend to spread smiles in an eco-friendly environment that prides itself on quality.


Taylor spends her time between college, watching hockey, and family. She is excited to serve you the most fresh and delicious local coffee! Taylor is proud member of the LGBTQ+ Community.


environmental consultant

Tess is extremely passionate about whatever she does. She does everything she can to see the good in the world and in people. Tess is extremely grateful to join the crossroads family as their environmental consultant and spread the important message of saving the planet and reducing our waste.


meet our roaster


Based out of Middletown and Southington, Connecticut, Perkatory Coffee Roasters provides small batch roasts to provide the freshest coffee available. 

From the website:

"Perkatory focuses on providing fresh, in house roasted specialty coffee beans for the best tasting cup of coffee. By roasting small batches, weekly, we are able to keep your coffee tasting the way it should. Deathly delicious. Perkatory offers both single origin coffees and exclusive blends that are to die for. Perkatory Coffee Roasters was conceived from the minds of two children of the 80's. Raised on punk rock and skateboarding, they wanted to bring new life to a coffee shop in a growing community. By creating a coffee experience you won't get anywhere else, Perkatory Coffee Roasters will raise you from the grave!"

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