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The Next Drink of the Month is...

Welcome to crossroads.!

After 4 incredible months, we are very excited to continue our coffee journey with you all! It has been incredibly inspiring to see this small town coffee house grow into this unique shop filled with love and purpose. Follow along with us here to learn more about the incredible work we are doing and all the fun projects we have going on.

What makes us different?

Here at crossroads. we are all about authenticity. Not only do we strive to put out the best quality product for you all, we also care about how it’s made. We make our syrups, muffins, cookies, and any of our other delicious baked goods you might see when you stop by, all in house! As we like to say, “We measure with our heart” because anything we make is made with love, just as it should!

What's coming up this month?

Something unique about our coffee shop is that every month we have our own personalized drinks of the month! Over the past few months we have gotten extremely creative to keep the excitement alive one drink at a time.

So far we have done a strawberry basil latte, affogato (espresso over ice cream), an eye of the tiger latte (orange cardamom and vanilla latte) designed by TWO of our regulars, Austin and Amanda (hi guys!), a mermaid's tale latte (raspberry, coconut, butterfly pea flower and vanilla latte) and even a dirty iced chai boba! Every month, these drinks have become everyone’s favorites and we are only getting started.

Ready to hear what this month’s drinks are?

This month we will be doing a kiwi watermelon refresher with fresh mint from our garden and a rosé latte!!!

As summer continues to stay hot, cool down with a refreshing kiwi watermelon mint drink. It is the perfect combination of sweet and sour that will excite your taste buds while making you feel hydrated all in one fun drink! The month of August also reminds us of wine season too! If you love wine as much as we do you’ll obsess over our rosé latte (don’t worry she is 100% non alcoholic!). We created a rosé syrup that captures the rosé flavor perfectly and matching this with a latte is, in our opinion, to die for!

At crossroads. we always have fun and exciting new things happening!

Stay tuned for more to come SOON!


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